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​​​​​​Further Reading

For both generally interested and researcher alike, we offer a (brief) list with some relevant materials on the subject of corruption (in the public sector). The scope of this list is purposefully broad and connects as well to the Framework of Analaysis of the project as outlined elsewhere on this page. The list includes both theoretical as well as empirical analysitical works. Sources range from academic to media journalism to professional publications. Please note that sources are either in Dutch or English. New literature will, if relevant, be added continuously.

Scientific Sources

Becker, M. (2007). Bestuurlijke Ethiek: Een inleiding. Assen, The Netherlands: Koninklijke van Gorcum

- Buchan, B., & Hill, L. (2014). An Intellectual History of Political Corruption. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

- De Graaf, G., Von Maravic, P., & Wagenaar, F. P. (Eds.). (2010). The Good Cause: Theoretical Perspectives on Corruption. Opladen & Farmington Hills, MI: Barbara Budrich Publishers.

- De Vries, M., & Kim, P. S. (2011). Value and Virtue in Public Administration. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

- Johnston, M. (1996). The search for definitions: The vitality of politics and the issue of corruption. International Social Science Journal, 149(3), 321-336.

- Heidenheimer, A. J., & Johnston, M. (2001). Political Corruption: Concepts and Contexts (3 ed.). New Brunswick: Transaction.

- Heidenheimer, A. J., Johnston, M., & Vine, V. T. l. (1989). Political Corruption: A Handbook. New Brunswick: Transaction.

- Huberts, L. (2014). The Integrity of Governance: What it is, What we Know, What is Done and Where to go. Hampshire, United Kingdom: Palgrave MacMillan.​

- Kerkhoff, A. D. N. (2013). Hidden Morals, Explicit Scandals: Public Values and Political Corruption in the Netherlands (1748 - 1813). Leiden: Leiden University.

- Overeem, P. (2012). The Politics-Administration Dichotomy: Towards a Constitutional Perspective (2nd edition). Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.

Other Sources

Dohmen, J. (1996). De Vriendenrepubliek: Limburgse Kringen. Nijmegen, Nederland: Uitgeverij Sun. Publically available at​

- NRC. (2015, March 10). Infographic: alle corruptie-onderzoeken tegen Nederlandse politici. Retrieved from 
- Vrij Nederland (2015). Politieke Integriteitsindex. Retrieved from​

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