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This site aspires to function as a hub for researchers working on Early Modern Memory. Therefore this part of the site offers information about scholars and institutions and the opportunity to contact them. If you would like to be listed on this website (either as an independent scholar, research project or institute) please contact us.

Raingard Esser, Dr.Affiliation: University of the West of England
Research Interest: Urban and Regional Memories in the Low Countries in the 17th century
Period: ca. 1600-1700
Region: Low Countries
Keywords: Urban and regional memory, identity formation, chronicles, religious historiography
Ralf-Peter Fuchs, Prof.Affiliation: Universität Duisburg-Essen; Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Research Interest: Social knowledge and memories of farmers, craftsmen and other people interrogated as witnesses before the Imperial Chamber Court
Period: ca. 1500-1770
Region: Holy Roman Empire
Keywords: Local memory practices, witness hearings, time concepts, space concepts, perception of governance, perception of war, perception of violence, perception of law
Brecht Deseure , Dr.Affiliation: Universiteit Antwerpen
Research Interest: Discourses about the past(s) in Antwerp and Brussels during the French regime
Period: 1792-1814
Region: Antwerp and Brussels
Keywords: Politics of history, historical discourse, memory cultures, political culture, legitimization of power, French Revolution, Napoleonic era
Andy Wood , Prof.Affiliation: University of East Anglia
Research Interest: Social history and memory history
Period: ca. 1500-1800
Region: England
Judith Pollmann, prof.Affiliation: Leiden University
Research Interest: Dutch Republic, Low Countries, Memory, Reformation
Period: ca 1500-1800
Region: Europe
Keywords: Low Countries, politics of memory, memory, religious history, early modern memory vs modern memory, oblivion, identity formation
Erika Kuijpers, Dr.Affiliation: Leiden University
Research Interest: Social history of the Low Countries, memory, history of emotions, migration, social unequality
Period: ca 1500-1800
Region: Low Countries
Keywords: personal memory, autobiographical writings, orality, narratives, trauma, feelings, heroism, community, coping strategies
Marianne Eekhout, MAAffiliation: Leiden University
Research Interest: Low Countries, Material Culture, Local Memory, Heritage, Collections
Period: ca 1500-1800
Region: Low Countries
Keywords: material culture, heritage, collections, visual culture, urban memory, local memory, politics of memory, intermediality, object biography, Low Countries, England, authenticity, identity formation
Jasper van der Steen, MAAffiliation: Leiden University
Research Interest: Low Countries, Canon Formation, Public Memory, Dynastic Memory
Period: ca 1500-1800
Region: Low Countries
Keywords: politics of memory, public memory, canon formation, dynastic memory, Low Countries
Johannes Muller, MPhilAffiliation: Leiden University
Research Interest: Low Countries, Confessional Memory, Exile
Period: ca 1500-1800
Region: Low Countries
Keywords: confessional memory, exile, migration, politics of memory, Low Countries
Alexandr Osipian, Associate ProfessorAffiliation: Kramatorsk Institute of Economics and Humanities
Research Interest: Uses of the Past in Lemberg in the 16th-17th centuries
Period: ca. 1500-1700
Region: Poland, Ukraine (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth)
Keywords: Urban and regional memory, uses of the past in trials, comparison of burghers’ and nobility’s historical discourses, past as social capital, antiquarians, historical imagination, creative reading of historical narratives, urban historiography, perception
Gerrit Verhoeven, Dr.Affiliation: Universiteit Antwerpen
Research Interest: Netherlandish travel behaviour and sites of memory, the Dutch and Flemish Grand Tour, time-awareness and -management in eighteenth-century Antwerp, long-term evolutions in literacy, numeracy and other forms of human capital
Period: 1585-1775
Region: Low Countries
Keywords: Memory cultures & dark tourism, personal memory, egodocuments, narrative strategies, time and space concepts, identity formation
Kimberley Skelton, DrAffiliation: independent scholar
Research Interest: Reconception of learning, knowledge and remembering in early modern Europe
Period: 1550-1650
Region: Europe
Keywords: memory spaces, empiricism, sensory perception, imagination
Allison Levy, Dr.Affiliation: Independant scholar, New York
Research Interest: Widowhood and visual culture, gender and memory practice, monument making and alternative memorials, exile and the material trace
Period: 1350-1550
Region: Italy
Keywords: mourning and commemorative practice, ritual and representation, performance and transfer of identity, monument making, alternative memorials, Florence, court culture, widow, portraiture, tomb sculpture
Randolph C. Head, Prof. Dr.Affiliation: University of California/Riverside
Research Interest: Development and changing functions of archives
Period: 1400-1800
Region: Europe
Keywords: history of archives, history of memory, religious history of early modern Europe