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Research Projects

This site aspires to function as a hub of researchers working on Early Modern Memory. Therefore this part of the site offers information about scholars and institutions and the opportunity to contact them. If you would like to be mentioned on this website (either as an independent scholar, research project or institute) please contact us.

Tales of the Revolt. Oblivion, memory and identity in the Low Countries, 1566-1700 Description:
Tales of the Revolt studies the impact of memories of the Dutch Revolt on personal and public identities in the seventeenth century Low Countries.

local memory practices; politics of memory; canon formation; historiography; media; intermediality; exile; personal memory; trauma; confessional identities

Low Countries

Period: 1566 - 1700
Hosted by / funding: Leiden University / NWO
Duration: 1 September 2008 - 31 August 2013
The 1641 DepositionsDescription:
The 1641 Depositions Project produced a fully searchable digital edition of the 1641 Depositions at Trinity College Dublin Library, comprising transcripts and images of all 8,000 depositions, examinations and associated materials in which Protestant men and women of all classes told of their experiences following the outbreak of the rebellion by the Catholic Irish in October, 1641

Keywords: 1641, Rebellion, Depositions, Commission, Britain, Ireland, Trinity College, Atrocity

Period: 1641 - 1667
Hosted by / funding: Trinity College Dublin / IRCHSS; AHRC; Trinity College Library Dublin
Duration: September 2007 – October 2010
Prof. Jane Ohlmeyer, Dr Micheál Ó’Siochrú, Prof. Thomas Bartlett, Prof. John Morrill, Prof. Aidan Clarke, Dr Annaleigh Margey, Dr Edda Frankot, Dr Elaine Murphy, Dr Séamus Lawless

Soziales Wissen nach Reichskammergerichts-ZeugenverhörenDescription:
Soziales Wissen nach Reichskammergerichts-Zeugenverhören has studied social knowledge and memories of farmers, craftsmen and other people interrogated as witnesses before the Imperial Chamber Court.

Keywords: local memory practices; witness hearings; time concepts; space concepts; perception of governance, perception of war, perception of violence, perception of law
Region: Holy Roman Empire
Period: ca. 1500 - ca. 1770
Hosted by / funding: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München / DFG
Duration: 1996 - 2001
Medieval Memoria OnlineDescription:
The Medieval Memoria Online project catalogues and describes four types of sources that are fundamental for the study of medieval commemoration practices (memoria). The descriptions of the material, together with photographs, will be available and searchable through a web based application. The sources that are being described are: 1) memorial registers (e.g. necrologies, registers of graves); 2) narrative sources regarding memoria (e.g. chronicles, annals); 3) tomb monuments and floor slabs; 4) memorial paintings and sculptures).

memoria; medieval commemoration practices; commemoration of the dead; interdisciplinary research (history, art history, history of literature and theology, genealogy); historical heuristics; re-usability and extensibility of research data

The area of the present day Netherlands

Period: until 1580
Hosted by / funding: Utrecht University / VU University, Amsterdam / University of Groningen / NWO / DANS / RCE / Professor Van Winter Fonds
Duration: 1 May 2009 – 1 February 2013
Dr. Truus van Bueren; Prof. dr. Koen GoudriaanProf. dr. Catrien SantingDr. Sophie Oosterwijk; drs. Rolf de Weijert; drs. Jeannette van Arenthals BA, Lianne van Beek MA, Trudi Brink MA, Arjan Boers MA, Corinne van Dijk MA, Charlotte Dikken MA, Kim Ragetli MA, Chiel Zwiers MA, Jan van Mansum, Martin Braaksma